High Speed Rail Or Improve What We Have?

BLOG.HAMILTON – The Ontario government is spending $15 million dollars to commission a multi-year study aimed at bringing high-speed rail to fruition across several Southern Ontario communities in a two-phase plan.

That’s well and good in a universe where the QEW and 403 highways aren’t a parking lot, but the $55 million dollar West Harbour GO Station only being open for one hour and fifteen minutes a day for four trains is ridiculous.  We were promised all-day service.  This is unacceptable!

While a high-speed train is something we could afford in the best of times, it seems a bit over the top when people around here just want to get to work on time and stop worrying about polluting the environment.

Business With A Purpose: 541 Eatery & Exchange

BLOG.HAMILTON – It works like this:  There’s a great big jar of buttons on the counter. Each one represents one dollar worth of value redeemable at this neighborhood social purpose diner and WiFi spot.  It’s fine if you’re short a few dollars or on the flip side… able to purchase and donate buttons yourself… 541 Eatery & Exchange is a real crunchy pickle.