-> @TMZ #THC Witch Way Is UpUp DownDown @Harvard? #BeyonceArmy the styles here are oh so boring!

2.JPGWHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE XEROX MOUSE DEMO SLIDE UNCLERUSH? – People Are People Are Strengers.Wierd Toronto version new site co-promo BIG MIX $$$oonStrengers.Wierd Toronto version new site co-promo BIG MIX $$$oon – Well that was easy enough to get your attention with this oldie but a boldie from the crates. Expect some fun and amazing Fall Time Adventure forecasting and a review of some of the recent world-famous history making, well, sometimes a little earth-shaking right here in Southern Ontario.

If you haven’t been following on, a new update of memory passports has been granted and this whole BLOGham thing is about to BLOW UP! Soft launch first tho….