#GoodMorning From @CNN @EarlyStart #HamOnt Talking Suburban Garage EyeWash Station Inspections. Borrrrrrriiiiing?

Truths. #HamOnt is stuck with crappy eyewash stations and a lack of inspections of garages in the suburbs.ย I just want to breathe again using better @ring and eyewash stations in Hamilton garages. you would think all apartment buildings would be built in the future with these on every floor regarding #July1st and homegrown.

@ChrisCuomo @CapletonMusic @ #Kingston #Angola #Laval #MossPark #KStreet ‘I Can’t Even Understand The Lyrics & So Much More’

WAS HAN SOLO SET UP BY FINN – I just hope today isn’t my last day on Planet Earth. Some mistakes have been made. I don’t have a clue what most reggae music says or means but starting tomorrow I begin the Sherbourne Street Baptist #HabitatForHumanity lifestyle. I’m leaving it all behind in Hamilton, because I believe there is money for all of us to make with this stranger fella. Who? I don’t know anymore. But there are millions waiting to arrive in Canada and I’m just going to give the rest of my life helping those of us alreadyeady here make money and maybe we can try our best to bring music and family here too. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ I’ll talk as soon as I find a job. (Jane And Finch, I still have to 7-11 a WordPress About Making Your Own Lotions And Creams To Sell We Always Bonded)


@CBCNews Puppet Of #Africville Demands #Toronto Stand For #MossPark & @EndStigma

IMG_20171105_060559_886EVERYBODY CARES – Or do they? We cannot begin to imagine the suffering of those who would lose the ones they truly love. So if there are souls in the city today sad at the lack of safe fire standards for the couple of seconds now deemed maximum for evacuation from buildings like 1001 Queen West and those on George Street (including #SeatonHouse) join as friends today and be visible along the Patient Built Wall at CAMH in Parkdale. This is another Residential School system meant to destroy people and serve the white coat. We believe in truth and reconciliation. Today we recognize treaty territories and the traditional lands of Mississauga nations. Megwiich.

#THC #Cannabis & #Marijuana Report -Morning Folks From @EndStigma – Fasting Today But Oh So Sad

5AM IN THE MORNING… and the labs here are warming up. We are live on the scene at 1001 Queen Street in Toronto, Canada and there are people fully awake and acquiring minds want to know what in the heck they’re doing. Wait, what? You mean to tell me that other than the kings and queens of maintenance, some folks in the city are all powered up and being all scientific like. Anyhow, today there is fasting going on – not THC Maple Water fasting witch may actually be a project put on the ‘splosive back burner in favor of Sanity in the city. IN TORONTO TALK – Moved to city, like ‘dis place but not like the 9-5 hours of Parkdale. Prefer something more like 36 hours awake, 12 hour sleep but womyn in white coat say NO Z NO SALE NO DICE. Big writing day today….

The #Hollywood @Fangoria Report: #Halloween… What Is The Future Of Black Horror Cinema?

ALL BLACK #VIDEOGAMES – The magical whit white dude boys has returned to give some and those people some late night Tylenolic emCee work to set down theory on whether a coloured folks trading card version of classic African-American characters from film is a sales opportunity. Is there room for unique surprise trading cards or zombified athletes for 2018? Darkness falls across the hood for I have made the LONG COMMUTE HOME. Waiting to return to Jane and Finch for the lavender skin oil project. Velveteen Dream mmay join.