Good Weekend Morning – Planning Begins For 36 Hour Adventure Hike in The #6ix

#6IX WORLD CLASS DATA AND HIKING TOUR – And here we are on a humid but soon-to-be-infamous historical day in Southern Ontario for the launch of BLOGhamilton and the debut version of our first 36 Hour Adventure. ย We’re just a few hours from a trailhead UrbanEx drop near Campbellville, Ontario at the Mohawk Raceway and things are getting excited. We’re going to be be running out first Instagram LIVE promo to chit-chat about the RCMP Musical Ride, at which we will be dropping much local flavor. After a few hours at the raceway, we’ll sail on down to HAMMER FINEST for a METROLINX GO Train journey to explore the physical and community differences between the new controversial steps at #Etobicoke and their wack cousins @ #Waterdown Sleepy Hollow.