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@PROTOJE – #WHO KNOWS but this blog is looking at closing Chapter 1 of the effort to promote single song or single broadcaster #WordPress adventures from a GOAT yogurt cup. #YoYoloYoko have we forgotten the bicycle repair picnic table with the upside-down bike centre mount$ in the Blue Coffee Mountains? Or travel for maintenance workers worldwide to share language free AND language learning travel adventures. Expedia, WhatTheFalafel?

Proto, the local TINO’$ are boring except for Ralphie Musitano of Sutton Real Estate who indicated he was becoming a free agent in #The6ix.


#MossPark We Have Moved This @WalMart celebratin’ To Derivatives Of @AllElbows @ #GeorgeStreet

BLOGham HAS decamped #DomesticAbuse from #Xerox Limited Release Mouse Money To Promote #MossPark. We are working to establish greater defibrillator açcess and awareness in Toronto as well as notices on Theater walls and before the show start. Speaking of the show must go on, some are wondering around here about #borough5 once Mistake and Indira are on the case bcuz if I can speak to my people in Punjabi – @JinderMahal hit the sheBabblel button at #Starbucks to broadcast. Basically I’m in the cocaine, heroin , methamphetamine, #MD ma biznoyt promoting big tittied men with THC CESARO SECTION or CBD athletic tape and straws for sex trade workers what what have aspirin in them is that even possible? very sicccwidit. anyone have a 2XL coat?15092367220761660896881.jpg


Why Is Street Furniture So Boring?

SIDEWALK SOUNDOFF – We get political here sometimes at BlogHamilton. This time we’re taking local civic planners to task with the complete and utter lack of innovation when it comes to street furniture – and specifically – bicycle-based street furniture.

DSC03677Locally, there’s a few installations worth noting. In Burlington, there’s several bicycle repair stations along the downtown trail network.  Also, Hamilton has a solar-powered smartphone charging station in a park in the Barton Village while way out west in Edmonton, Alberta they are bringing similar smart chargers to park benches.

This summer, the Yaletown neighborhood in Vancouver, British Columbia is introducing free public outdoor WiFi in that city.

Basically at heart of the issue is that politicians responsible for public furniture procurement need to focus on building better, more usable cities.  Take trends in cycling for instance. Fat-tire bikes and winter biking are becoming more popular in our urban centres, yet outside of one highly controversial climate-controlled 24-hour bike locker in downtown Toronto, planners are NOT making it easier for citizens to adopt a lifestyle that reduces stress on the environment.

Clearly the appetite for expanding what and how we define public space and activity is changing as technology, hearts, minds, climate… as well as family incomes, adapt for a dynamic economy.

So here’s the challenge.  Someone out there design a better bicycle rack. Something that incorporates security, fitness tracking, competition and social media and is not simply just an afterthought, thrown haphazardly into public space design where the only differential is colour of paint.

Because locking your $5000 bike to a hunk of metal worth fifty dollars seems a little ridiculous.