#THC #Cannabis & #Marijuana Report -Morning Folks From @EndStigma – Fasting Today But Oh So Sad

5AM IN THE MORNING… and the labs here are warming up. We are live on the scene at 1001 Queen Street in Toronto, Canada and there are people fully awake and acquiring minds want to know what in the heck they’re doing. Wait, what? You mean to tell me that other than the kings and queens of maintenance, some folks in the city are all powered up and being all scientific like. Anyhow, today there is fasting going on – not THC Maple Water fasting witch may actually be a project put on the ‘splosive back burner in favor of Sanity in the city. IN TORONTO TALK – Moved to city, like ‘dis place but not like the 9-5 hours of Parkdale. Prefer something more like 36 hours awake, 12 hour sleep but womyn in white coat say NO Z NO SALE NO DICE. Big writing day today….

@CBC Chapter 1 : Dear @Protoje This Ode’ to get older rat Kim Bolan of #Vancouver to talk Reform Rat Stinks like #HighAF Heaven

@PROTOJE – #WHO KNOWS but this blog is looking at closing Chapter 1 of the effort to promote single song or single broadcaster #WordPress adventures from a GOAT yogurt cup. #YoYoloYoko have we forgotten the bicycle repair picnic table with the upside-down bike centre mount$ in the Blue Coffee Mountains? Or travel for maintenance workers worldwide to share language free AND language learning travel adventures. Expedia, WhatTheFalafel?

Proto, the local TINO’$ are boring except for Ralphie Musitano of Sutton Real Estate who indicated he was becoming a free agent in #The6ix.


Ontario Farm Markets – A Little Bit Of Everything, But Prices To Skyrocket?

OYSTER CITY – Okay, importing oysters to the middle of your average Ontario Farm Market may be a luxury for cityfolk, but it’s par for the course in crafting the marketing behind bringing people to your market and keeping them there.

Is there turbulence on the horizon? What will the impact of a fifteen dollar an hour wage have on our area markets and farms who scrape by with the high costs of tractors, transportation, labour, etc.?

Prediction is for more Farm Co-Ops and the added benefit of employing folks who are invested in caring for the literal growth of the markets in Southern Ontario.

Business With A Purpose: 541 Eatery & Exchange

BLOG.HAMILTON – It works like this: ย There’s a great big jar of buttons on the counter. Each one represents one dollar worth of value redeemable at this neighborhood social purpose diner and WiFi spot. ย It’s fine if you’re short a few dollars or on the flip side… able to purchase and donate buttons yourself… 541 Eatery & Exchange is a real crunchy pickle.