Drone Adventure Travel And Respect For The Original Nations

#NIAGARAFALLS – We’re on our way here @ BLOGham to a traditional Southern Ontario Adventure destination, the horseshoe falls in Niagara, part of The Escarpment. Today, I’m starting here a new column to talk about First Nations (#Indigenous) sports & hobby groups and opportunities across Canada on original native lands for drone instruction and flying adventures that the rest of us operating within The Creator’s vision, sky, wind, dirt and air do not have the opportunity to because of suburban living and/or plain ol’ educational gaps.


A search of Webster’s Falls or Dundas Peak on YouTube reveals a mishmash of drone videos. What if there was a F.N. production house based on respect for nature that discussed filming techniques, writing a good YouTube summary & social media promotion, survival & preparing for nature’s chaos and other circumstances involving drone operation? None of this WE WILL LET YOU FLY A DRONE BECAUSE WE ARE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT b.s. but a real sense of “STRAP IN!”, because we’ve got two weeks of local travel on F.N. lands and we’re going to make history by showing these nations in a new light, new angles & new appreciation of the relationship between sky and Earth!


If anyone can find BlogHamilton.com the infamous drone flyover at Webster’s Falls featuring the raccoon perched on the very edge of a rock in the middle of the falls at the top, please contact me @ Southern Ontario Adventure, The Grumpy Vegan or on the Instagram jams @ this.tasty.planet.

DayTrippin’: Respect The Escarpment From East To West

SOUTHERN ONTARIO – Nestled within a geological formation that created the whole of Dundas Valley, the Earth around these parts is made green by a serious Greenbelt that blazes in concert with The Escarpment.

As competition for recreation space drives Southern Ontario residents further afield into the natural environs to find community entertainment, a whole new appreciation for outdoorsy adventuring awaits newcomers, travellers and those who find peace with nature.

Serenity within the region is impossible NOT to find.