Independent Media Hip Hop Report: BLOGham Is LIVEblogging From A Forest

HAMMER 6IXTH LEVEL SOUTHERN ONTARIO HELLO –ย I’m busy halfway stuck on low data streaming trying to start a LUNCHCAST LIVEblog surrounded by horse flies and soon-to-be bats while managing WiFi, IG, FB and about to Bluetooth me some Snoop Dogg & Neva Left. Hopefully, you found through my INSTAGRAM, which is entirely what BLOGham is going to be about. This is totally right here going to be an IG-based Hip Hop column about Independent Media & Hip Hop.

Well, two weeks in and I’m already jumping the shark with this one. First things first, I’m going to talk about tourism here, specifically Hip Hop Travel and you may or may not want to acknowledge this locale pictured below as a destination worthy of a day’s travel in these parts.


Above is the Skull And Bones retreat along the St. Lawrence Seaway. WTFalafel does this have to do with hip hop? Skull and Bones is the double secret scary organization that George. W. Bush was a member of in his Yale years. But Bush also lived in Compton in 1949 & 1950 with his father, the other Bush Prez. And Eazy Motherphuckin’ E had lunch with Bush Sr. ย also, so there’s that! Located about 250km from the GTA and you can get to one of these 1000 Islands boat tours by local coach. ย That’s my Hip Hop Travel tourism update for this moment.

This hour’s local flavor comes from wishing I could hit the LOTO Skratch N’ Win so I could put up a LED digital sign at the location where I found this advertisement for Miami Vice: Drenched coming up on August 18th at the Classic Lounge in North York. This kind of promotion set to beats and minor animation could rotate on an advertising-only LED set at a barbershop, tattoo studio or small-restaurant.