Drone Adventure Travel And Respect For The Original Nations

#NIAGARAFALLS – We’re on our way here @ BLOGham to a traditional Southern Ontario Adventure destination, the horseshoe falls in Niagara, part of The Escarpment. Today, I’m starting here a new column to talk about First Nations (#Indigenous) sports & hobby groups and opportunities across Canada on original native lands for drone instruction and flying adventures that the rest of us operating within The Creator’s vision, sky, wind, dirt and air do not have the opportunity to because of suburban living and/or plain ol’ educational gaps.


A search of Webster’s Falls or Dundas Peak on YouTube reveals a mishmash of drone videos. What if there was a F.N. production house based on respect for nature that discussed filming techniques, writing a good YouTube summary & social media promotion, survival & preparing for nature’s chaos and other circumstances involving drone operation? None of this WE WILL LET YOU FLY A DRONE BECAUSE WE ARE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT b.s. but a real sense of “STRAP IN!”, because we’ve got two weeks of local travel on F.N. lands and we’re going to make history by showing these nations in a new light, new angles & new appreciation of the relationship between sky and Earth!


If anyone can find BlogHamilton.com the infamous drone flyover at Webster’s Falls featuring the raccoon perched on the very edge of a rock in the middle of the falls at the top, please contact me @ Southern Ontario Adventure, The Grumpy Vegan or on the Instagram jams @ this.tasty.planet.

When You Gotta Go! Toronto’s Tourist Pay Toilet And Accessibility In The 6ix

QUEEN’S QUAY, HARBOURFRONT, TORONTO – Hey hey, ho ho, this full bladder is going to go! Well, at least not so much since the #DietSoda ban began as finally #SouthernOntarioAdventure isn’t restricted by stopping to take a pee break every thirty minutes.

Here are some travel thoughts regarding Toronto’s 25cent pay toilet:


  • First off, it IS clean. Sure there was some TP on the floor and I still removed my pants like George Costanza from Seinfeld-fame. The toilet seat was clean, but the floor was not totally.
  • Let me just say that I visited this traveler’s toilet at the end of #Caribana weekend in Toronto and if you’ve even been restroom shopping during a major outdoor event (1 million +), you know what kind of awful experience that is.  This was pleasant!  As soon as the #StarTrek like door whooshes closed, you have 20 minutes to do your business. I wouldn’t take that much time during a major event out of courtesy but there is a comfortable silence in there as soon as you get some privacy. So yes, from an event standpoint, this Johnny-On-The-Spot is what #AdventureTravel peeps, #VeganTravel fans & #ExtremeFitness practitioners can hope for more placement of rather than rental outhouses and sometimes testy business-owners.
  • Last week I was needing to go and of course, there was an outhouse nearby on the street, and I thought, ‘oooh, it looks like the city is finally trying something new’, well, I opened the door and a used needle fell out so immediately that wasn’t the best welcome. It was some sort of downtown vortex because I think someone was LIVING in the outhouse as there was so much accumulated and hoarded boxes and clothing. So, thanks to the restaurant employee at Subway who gave me a pass to enter the restroom at his spot.


  • The best part of this toilet is the entertainment. I mentioned #StarTrek right? Well, the voice of the old Star Trek: The Next Generation Holodeck guides you with instructions AS YOU GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. Plus, some electronic ambient music plays gently over the toilet speakers to quiet the room. Really!


  • Everything is designed in here to receive a good cleaning by the automated sensors. When I broke with convention and asked a person who had just used the toilet several days before what the experience was like, she described in a way that sort of included a bit of hesitation and a weird look on her face. When I returned several days later for BlogHamilton.com, I completely understood.  You get in here and immediately start thinking of every public toilet experience you’ve ever had, and why can’t they be great? Also, and * ahem * looking at you Tim Hortons – no single sheet dispensers of half-ply TP here. Only rolls. In 2017, I think a general North American-wide protest mob should be organized concerning those inadequate personal hygiene-involved decision-makers who consider those single sheets anything but THE ABSOLUTE WORST.
  • With safe injection sites being constructed in Toronto, we can hope that there will be less public fixing and more public pooping with these pay toilets as they hopefully get the right funding in whatever city-department to get more of these across the city. Um, how about placing one @ the busy pedestrian and traveler landmark transit stop area(s) at Jane & Finch in The 6ix where there are always dozens of people going north, east, west and south by public transit and the nearest restaurant bathroom is almost a half-kilometre away!?!


  • We need more of these in Southern Ontario. Or at least a better understanding by folks in the public sector that this kind of service – dignified public toilets for everybody – is crucial to building a real world class experience for tourists, travelers, workers, the homeless and just those those who need to go, while on the go.

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Independent Media Hip Hop Report: BLOGham Is LIVEblogging From A Forest

HAMMER 6IXTH LEVEL SOUTHERN ONTARIO HELLO – I’m busy halfway stuck on low data streaming trying to start a LUNCHCAST LIVEblog surrounded by horse flies and soon-to-be bats while managing WiFi, IG, FB and about to Bluetooth me some Snoop Dogg & Neva Left. Hopefully, you found BlogHamilton.com through my INSTAGRAM, which is entirely what BLOGham is going to be about. This is totally right here going to be an IG-based Hip Hop column about Independent Media & Hip Hop.

Well, two weeks in and I’m already jumping the shark with this one. First things first, I’m going to talk about tourism here, specifically Hip Hop Travel and you may or may not want to acknowledge this locale pictured below as a destination worthy of a day’s travel in these parts.


Above is the Skull And Bones retreat along the St. Lawrence Seaway. WTFalafel does this have to do with hip hop? Skull and Bones is the double secret scary organization that George. W. Bush was a member of in his Yale years. But Bush also lived in Compton in 1949 & 1950 with his father, the other Bush Prez. And Eazy Motherphuckin’ E had lunch with Bush Sr.  also, so there’s that! Located about 250km from the GTA and you can get to one of these 1000 Islands boat tours by local coach.  That’s my Hip Hop Travel tourism update for this moment.

This hour’s local flavor comes from wishing I could hit the LOTO Skratch N’ Win so I could put up a LED digital sign at the location where I found this advertisement for Miami Vice: Drenched coming up on August 18th at the Classic Lounge in North York. This kind of promotion set to beats and minor animation could rotate on an advertising-only LED set at a barbershop, tattoo studio or small-restaurant.


Why Is Street Furniture So Boring?

SIDEWALK SOUNDOFF – We get political here sometimes at BlogHamilton. This time we’re taking local civic planners to task with the complete and utter lack of innovation when it comes to street furniture – and specifically – bicycle-based street furniture.

DSC03677Locally, there’s a few installations worth noting. In Burlington, there’s several bicycle repair stations along the downtown trail network.  Also, Hamilton has a solar-powered smartphone charging station in a park in the Barton Village while way out west in Edmonton, Alberta they are bringing similar smart chargers to park benches.

This summer, the Yaletown neighborhood in Vancouver, British Columbia is introducing free public outdoor WiFi in that city.

Basically at heart of the issue is that politicians responsible for public furniture procurement need to focus on building better, more usable cities.  Take trends in cycling for instance. Fat-tire bikes and winter biking are becoming more popular in our urban centres, yet outside of one highly controversial climate-controlled 24-hour bike locker in downtown Toronto, planners are NOT making it easier for citizens to adopt a lifestyle that reduces stress on the environment.

Clearly the appetite for expanding what and how we define public space and activity is changing as technology, hearts, minds, climate… as well as family incomes, adapt for a dynamic economy.

So here’s the challenge.  Someone out there design a better bicycle rack. Something that incorporates security, fitness tracking, competition and social media and is not simply just an afterthought, thrown haphazardly into public space design where the only differential is colour of paint.

Because locking your $5000 bike to a hunk of metal worth fifty dollars seems a little ridiculous.