The #Hollywood @Fangoria Report: #Halloween… What Is The Future Of Black Horror Cinema?

ALL BLACK #VIDEOGAMES – The magical whit white dude boys has returned to give some and those people some late night Tylenolic emCee work to set down theory on whether a coloured folks trading card version of classic African-American characters from film is a sales opportunity. Is there room for unique surprise trading cards or zombified athletes for 2018? Darkness falls across the hood for I have made the LONG COMMUTE HOME. Waiting to return to Jane and Finch for the lavender skin oil project. Velveteen Dream mmay join.

Tell Cambridge City Council That The City Deserves A Dedicated GO Transit Solution

PUBLIC TRANSIT – The expansion of this city to incorporate and promote neighborhood-building is stalled by a lack of vision when it comes to bringing reliable, all-day transportation from Cambridge to the rest of Southern Ontario through all-day GO Transit service.

If the city continues to grow, and thousands of new transit-minded citizens flock to communities in the area to escape the high costs of living elsewhere in the province, eventually something is going to break. Too many cars on roads buckling under the weight of a car culture.

Supporting public transit is the happy medium whereby good Canadians can invest in their community infrastructure to transform our civic landscapes.

The anti-construction, anti-development folks will resist as some will want olde Cambridge to stay the way it is. But history either passes us by or falls on the sword of capitulation to changing ways.

Could our neighborhoods support the influx of thousands of new residents? Small and medium-sized businesses will grow – and investment in province-building will ultimately result in a new Galt, Hespeler, Preston and Blair.

PHOTO: Union Station, Toronto, Canada

DayTrippin’ – Investing In Transit In Galt… More than The Handmaid’s Tale…

SOUTHERN ONTARIO TRAVEL – I read somewhere online that the only way to travel to Galt – the amazing place where they shot The Handmaid’s Tale – is to take a GO Transit bus straight out of CF Square One in Mississauga (smack in the dab of the middle of the Credit Valley). Whatever. Find yourself near Guelph if you can, take the bus to Aberfoyle and bike to Cambridge along the back roads. Oh yeah, rest in Aberfoyle on Sundays in the Summer for the required local antiquing experience.

The town is very Instagrammable and plenty of clock towers and church structures to capture.

While it is a miracle if you can find a coach bus to get here, once you arrive you’ll wish the Ontario government would hurry up and finish the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system extension to Galt which will arrive some time later next decade.

PHOTO – Olde Galt Train Station

High Speed Rail Or Improve What We Have?

BLOG.HAMILTON – The Ontario government is spending $15 million dollars to commission a multi-year study aimed at bringing high-speed rail to fruition across several Southern Ontario communities in a two-phase plan.

That’s well and good in a universe where the QEW and 403 highways aren’t a parking lot, but the $55 million dollar West Harbour GO Station only being open for one hour and fifteen minutes a day for four trains is ridiculous. ย We were promised all-day service. ย This is unacceptable!

While a high-speed train is something we could afford in the best of times, it seems a bit over the top when people around here just want to get to work on time and stop worrying about polluting the environment.