On TimsTV – Will The New Landmark Tim Hortons In Toronto Result In Community-Building?

SOUTHERN ONTARIO – Tim Hortons is a Canadian-loved institution. Within the chain of stores, there are Landmark locations. Overseas they call them Bake Shoppes. But locally we have some diversity in building styles including the original FIRST STORE in Hamilton, Ontario.

Now comes news that the company will be opening a Hockey Hall Of Fame SPECIAL EDITION in Toronto, downtown. This is good news for community-building.

Why? TimsTV is ready for adventure crafting if they would only build an interactive app that allowed fans and followers to submit coffee (not Covfefe) lifestyle photo captures and selfies for display on the LED display matrixes in each store.

Seriously… build a better app than competing coffee brands and put some more Canadiana in stores. Surely these network-driven terminals are capable of interactive story-telling and neighborhood promos.

If competing brands are intent on carving out their own identity by employing gimmicky loyalty cards and individual-store Instagram branding, certainly our beloved Tims can integrate the Wi-Fi selfie lifestyle for some non-monolithic brand efforts.

All I want to see is localized in-store selfie contests with winner take home a Keurig.

PHOTO – Tim Hortons, Yonge and Front Street, Toronto

Business With A Purpose: 541 Eatery & Exchange

BLOG.HAMILTON – It works like this: ย There’s a great big jar of buttons on the counter. Each one represents one dollar worth of value redeemable at this neighborhood social purpose diner and WiFi spot. ย It’s fine if you’re short a few dollars or on the flip side… able to purchase and donate buttons yourself… 541 Eatery & Exchange is a real crunchy pickle.