#MossPark We Have Moved This @WalMart celebratin’ To Derivatives Of @AllElbows @ #GeorgeStreet

BLOGham HAS decamped #DomesticAbuse from #Xerox Limited Release Mouse Money To Promote #MossPark. We are working to establish greater defibrillator aรงcess and awareness in Toronto as well as notices on Theater walls and before the show start. Speaking of the show must go on, some are wondering around here about #borough5 once Mistake and Indira are on the case bcuz if I can speak to my people in Punjabi – @JinderMahal hit the sheBabblel button at #Starbucks to broadcast. Basically I’m in the cocaine, heroin , methamphetamine, #MD ma biznoyt promoting big tittied men with THC CESARO SECTION or CBD athletic tape and straws for sex trade workers what what have aspirin in them is that even possible? very sicccwidit. anyone have a 2XL coat?15092367220761660896881.jpg


Good Weekend Morning – Planning Begins For 36 Hour Adventure Hike in The #6ix

#6IX WORLD CLASS DATA AND HIKING TOUR – And here we are on a humid but soon-to-be-infamous historical day in Southern Ontario for the launch of BLOGhamilton and the debut version of our first 36 Hour Adventure. ย We’re just a few hours from a trailhead UrbanEx drop near Campbellville, Ontario at the Mohawk Raceway and things are getting excited. We’re going to be be running out first Instagram LIVE promo to chit-chat about the RCMP Musical Ride, at which we will be dropping much local flavor. After a few hours at the raceway, we’ll sail on down to HAMMER FINEST for a METROLINX GO Train journey to explore the physical and community differences between the new controversial steps at #Etobicoke and their wack cousins @ #Waterdown Sleepy Hollow.


DayTrippin’: Respect The Escarpment From East To West

SOUTHERN ONTARIO – Nestled within a geological formation that created the whole of Dundas Valley, the Earth around these parts is made green by a serious Greenbelt that blazes in concert with The Escarpment.

As competition for recreation space drives Southern Ontario residents further afield into the natural environs to find community entertainment, a whole new appreciation for outdoorsy adventuring awaits newcomers, travellers and those who find peace with nature.

Serenity within the region is impossible NOT to find.

New Mixed-Use Retail, Residential And A World Of Opportunity In Cambridge

GALT, ONTARIO – While there is considerable resistance in the community to change, the transformation of the Southworks industrial property heritage area into the Gaslight District will bring jobs, newcomers and the potential for big bucks to this part of Cambridge.

While some condominium development owners are taking a more frank approach against NIMBYism when it comes to needed densification, the smart money is on educating and winning over those opposed to the development as to the benefits the community will reap.

Simply put, this part of Ontario needs the G word. Gentrification. And while it’s not really local blight and urban decay to be gentrified, it’s a part of town that rarely sees any foot traffic. In a new world built on respect-for-transit and its’ role in shaping our community, local homeowners will eventually come on board when they find out their housing values have increased several-fold and the city is far better off for welcoming an influx of new residents.

If the planned Light Rapid Transit link to Kitchener-Waterloo ever sees the light of day in these parts, you can bet the community will change much more dramatically over the next few years.

As people become accustomed to new construction – residential and commercial – we can only hope those speaking out of concern for their community now will continue to be as engaged in the future. Heritage and opportunity voices need to be listened to in creating a welcome balance that will shape our collective future.

PHOTO: Riverfront Galt heritage vista with condominium playing support role.