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DayTrippin’ – Investing In Transit In Galt… More than The Handmaid’s Tale…

SOUTHERN ONTARIO TRAVEL – I read somewhere online that the only way to travel to Galt – the amazing place where they shot The Handmaid’s Tale – is to take a GO Transit bus straight out of CF Square One in Mississauga (smack in the dab of the middle of the Credit Valley). Whatever. Find yourself near Guelph if you can, take the bus to Aberfoyle and bike to Cambridge along the back roads. Oh yeah, rest in Aberfoyle on Sundays in the Summer for the required local antiquing experience.

The town is very Instagrammable and plenty of clock towers and church structures to capture.

While it is a miracle if you can find a coach bus to get here, once you arrive you’ll wish the Ontario government would hurry up and finish the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system extension to Galt which will arrive some time later next decade.

PHOTO – Olde Galt Train Station